Women who experienced pre-eclampsia during pregnancy are at higher risk of heart disease, than women who did not. Women who experienced pre-eclampsia can help reduce their risk of heart disease by eating a healthy diet, engaging in regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight.

This is where Be Healthe for your Heart comes in. Be Healthe for your Heart, is a 3 month program, which provides women with a history of pre-eclampsia with knowledge, tools and practical advice to make positive lifestyle changes to keep their heart healthy.

Be Healthe for your Heart was developed at the University of Newcastle, Australia. The program development was funded by the National Heart Foundation of Australia and the Foundation for High Blood Pressure Research.

We are currently conducting a research study to find out whether Be Healthe for Your Heart is effective. We are seeking 90 women, aged 18-45 years, who had pre-eclampsia within the last 4 years to take part. Volunteers must also be able to visit the Callaghan campus of the University of Newcastle on 2 occasions over 3 months.

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